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Terms of Reference for

Development of PDCA Training Manual

1. Background
There are significant achievements in health and economic sectors in Bangladesh during recent years. Though there is substantial reduction of maternal, neonatal and child mortality with improvement of utilization of services, quality of health care services is a concern.

Government of Bangladesh has targeted to achieve the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Accessibility to and quality of health care services are the major challenges to achieve the UHC. In order to address the quality of health care services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) has established the Quality Improvement Secretariat (QIS) in 2015 at the Health Economics Unit (HEU). The national strategy for QI including the QI work plan has been formulated by the QIS.

With the view to reducing the preventable maternal, neonatal and child mortality, Save the Children International (SCI) has been supporting the Government to implement the MaMoni HSS project funded by USAID. Improvement of quality of health care services is a major component of the MaMoni HSS project. As such, SCI has signed a MOU with HEU to strengthen its capacity and support implementation of the National QI strategy and plan.

The foundation for quality improvement of hospital services, as adopted in the QI strategy, is the 5S-CQI-TQM, and the quality of services will be addressed through continuous rotation of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. To improve capacity of the QIS, health managers and service providers, it has been decided to develop training module on PDCA cycle. This activity is a part of SCI’s support to QIS. Proposals are, therefore, invited from the interested consultants /farms to develop the PDCA training module with the following terms of reference.

2. Objective
The objective of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive training module on PDCA cycle. This training module will be used to train the National Resource Pool, health managers and service providers at different tires of public hospitals. It is expected that after the training, each participant would be able to develop a plan for applying PDCA in a selected health facility, with the participation of the QI committee of that facility, and measure change in selected indicators (e.g. infection prevention improvement, quality of ANC etc.).

3. Terms of reference
The overall responsibility of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive PDCA cycle training module for improvement of quality of hospital services. The specific responsibilities are to:

  • Review relevant literatures and documents
  • Coordinate with the QIS (MOHFW) and Save the Children International for the assignment
  • Develop the trainees’ module
  • Develop the trainers’ guide including the training/session objectives, schedule, session plans, methodology, exercises and session evaluation etc.
  • Develop the supportive power point presentations for the training sessions with necessary illustrations
  • Share all these documents with QIS and Save the Children for comments and feedback
  • Finalize the documents incorporating the comments and feedback

4. Job requirements
The interested consultant /farm should have at least 5 years practical experience in developing training and education materials, especially related to hospital services improvement. Preference will be given to the individual/farm who has previous experience working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (especially with DGHS) and development partners/international NGOs.

5. Deliverables

  • Trainees’ module (hard copy and pintable soft copy) with detail about PDCA cycle and its application for improvement of hospital services
  • Trainers’ guide (hard copy and pintable soft copy) with session objective, plan, methodology etc.
  • Supportive power point presentations (soft copy) to facilitate the training sessions

VAT Registration: VAT registration is mandatory for consultant to obtain consultancy service under USAID funded project.

Interested consultant, may submit their technical and financial proposal along with CV to the following email, application closing date: October 26, 2016.


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