Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Solution 2017

Bangladesh krishi Bank Exam was held in Dhaka city. After completing this examination we published Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Solution at . krishi Bank Job Exam Solved are available for everyone. Let`s Check Below this Job Exam Solution 21 July 2017.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Solution 2017

BKB Math Question Solution :

1. If n is an even integer, which of the followings must be an odd integer, [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 7n – 2
B. 5(n -2)
C. (16n+24)/8
D. (6n+12)/3

Ans: C

2. Tamim runs diagonally across a rectangular field twice that has a length of 40 yards and a width of 30 yards. What is the length of the diagonal, in yards, that Tamim runs? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 50 yards
B.70 yards
C. 100 yards
D. 600 yards

Ans: A (Only diagonal not distance)

3. Solve the following inequality: -2x – 5 > x – 2 [BKB (officer) – 2017]

C x < 1
D. x > 3

Ans: B

4. In a class 78 students, 41 are taking French and 22 are taking German. Of the students taking French or German, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are not enrolled in either course? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

D. 64

Ans: C

5. If 3-6 × 7 + 6 ÷4 = x, what is the value of x ? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. -3.75
B. 37.5
C. -37.5

Ans: C

6. What is the next number in the series 3,18, 90, 360, ….? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 720
C. 1800

Ans: D

7. If the hour hand of a clock is turned anticlockwise from 2 pm to 9 am, thoroughly how many degrees will it have turned? [BKB (officer) – 2017]


Ans: C

8. One third of a number is four times of eleven. What is the half of that number? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A .66

Ans: A

9. Average of 6 numbers is 8.5. When one number is discarded, the avenge of the remaining numbers , becomes 7.2. What is the discarded number? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A 7.8
B. 6.5

ans: D

10. The business partners Rahim. Sohel and Karim agree to divide their Total profit for a certain year in the ratio 2:5:8. If Sohel’s profit was Taka 20,000 what was the total profit of the business for the year? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. Taka 800
B.Taka 32,000
C. Taka 52,000
D. Taka 60,000

Ans: D

11. What is the value of x in the figure below? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

C. 20
D. 10

Ans: B


12. Mr. A and Mr. B have a combined weekly salary of Taka 1,000. If salary of A is increased by 2.5 times and salary of B is increased by 1.5 times, the combined salary would be Taka 1600. What was the original salary of B? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. Taka 100
B.Taka 250
C. Taka 900
D. Taka 1350

Ans: C

13. Jahir has 15 red balls; he gives Sami 3 balls. Sami now has twice the number of balls Jahir has left. How many balls did Sami have at the beginning? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

C. 27
D. 21

Ans: D

14. When a number is divided by 5, The remainder is 3. If the square of this number is divided by 5 then What is the remainder? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

C. 7
D. 1

Ans: B

15. The value of -3 -(-10) is how much greater than the value of -10 – (-3)? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

B. -7

Ans: D

16. If a photocopier makes 2 copies in 1/3 second, at the same rate, how many copies does it make in 4 minutes? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

B. 24

Ans: D

17. A pen is sold for Taka 48 with a 20% profit. What is the purchase price of the pen? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

B. 40

Ans: B

18. A bank pays simple interest rate of 8% on investment. If you invest Taka 5,000 in the bank, how much money would you get after 8 years? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 9,255
B. 3,200
C. 5,320
D. 8,200

Ans: D (5000+3200 = 8200)

19. If 16^2x+4 =4^3x+3 then x = ? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A.- 5
B. 1
D. – 1

Ans: A

20. If the length and width of a rectangular garden plot were each increased by 20% what would be the percent increase in the area of the plot? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 20%
B. 44,
C. 144%
D. 40

Ans: B

21. Find the slope of the line 5x – 5y = 7 [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 5
C. 1

Ans: C

22. If a man walks 14 kilometer/hour instead of 10 kilometer/hour, he would have walked 20 kilometers more. The actual distance travelled by him is: [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 30 kilometer
B. 50 kilometer
C. 80 kilometer
D. 70 kilometer

Ans: b

23. In the coordinate plane, for which one of the following values of x would the graph of the equation y = x^3 -x^2-6x not touch thc x-axis? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

C. -2

Ans: D

24. How many 3-digit integers can be chosen such that none of the digits appear more than twice, none of the digits equal 0? [BKB (officer) – 2017]

A. 729
B. 720
C. 756
D. 504

Ans: B (9^3-9=720.)

(General Knowledge -Solution) 1. Free Trade area of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay = MERCOSUR
2. Head quarter of AIIB = Beijing
3. Currency of Argentina = Peso
4. Black Money = income illegally obtained or not declared for tax purposes.
5. Anti Money Laundering Structure currently in force in BD was enacted in the year = 2002 (Amended in 2012)
6. Hard Loan = requires repayment in the currency of a strong eonomy
7. First private bank = AB Bank
8. Uruguay Round = WTO
9. Targets of SDG = 169
10. Who administered Oath to ministers of the Mujibnagar = Prof Yusuf Ali
11. In media the news of genocide in Dhaka = Simon Dring 12. Last battle against Pakistan army in 1971 = rayer bazar.
13. Nobel peace prize of 2016 was awarded to negotiate with= FARC
14. Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev is the President of = Kazakhstan
15. Last APEC summit was held in = Peru
16. french veteran seriously considered joining the Bangladesh liberation war= Andre Malaurax
17. Nobel prize in Economics in 2016 = oliver hart and bengt holmstrom
18. Bangladesh Banks (nationalization) order was = 16, 1971
19. Headquarter of proposed LDC Bank = Turkey
20. Is not a scheduled bank = Probashi Kollyan Bank Senior officer (BKB) Math Part with Answer: In a mixture the ratio of apples,peaches and grapes is 6:5:2. If the total mixture is 39 pounds then what is the difference between apples and grapes?? Ans: 12 pounds 2. A man goes to his office at a certain time. If his waking speed is 5kmh then he is 7 minutes late. When his speed is 6kmh he reaches 5minutes before. How far his office from his house? Ans: 6 km 3. A man deposits 5000 tk at 5% annual interest for six months. In every six months he withdraws tk 500 from his principal plus interest earned. What is the total amount of interest he received? Ans: 687.5 4. A man interest and wages from his investment tk 5000. If he invests double then the wages increased 50% and total amount is tk 8000. What is his actual income in terms of wages and interest? Ans: 4000 tk n 1000 tk 5. 20 men can finish a work in 30 days. After how many days can 5persons leave the work and the remaining work can be finished in 35 days? Ans: 15 days Rest of Solution Update Soon..

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