Corona death 21 percent (করোনায় মৃত্যু ২১ শতাংশ?)

Corona death 21 percent?: Corona virus has been detected in the body of 16 million 99 thousand 631 people infected with the Corona virus. Of them, 1 lakh 2 thousand 734 people died. As a result, the death toll is slightly higher than six percent. But what exactly is the exact death rate among those affected?

Corona death 21 percent (করোনায় মৃত্যু ২১ শতাংশ?)

However, the number of people who were healed and killed by the victims is shown as a close case, according to the Corona virus statistics website Worlddo Meter. So far, they are showing close cases of 4 lakh 79 thousand 61.

Corona virus statistics

তবে ক্লোজ কেসের মধ্যে মৃত্যুর হার ২১ শতাংশ হলেও সেটা নিয়ে আতঙ্কিত হওয়ার কিছু নেই বলেও মন্তব্য করেন তিনি।

Source: Somoy News TV | Published: 11 April 2020

  The center of infection is now Narayanganj

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