How to make a resume – Choose the best format for your resume

Creating a resume is very important for an applicant, but it is not an easy job. Creating a resume accepted and finalized by the recruiter is not easy, especially if you have never made a resume before. Today people are using online resume builder tools to create well-formatted resumes. Still, we would like you to know some important tips which would assist you in making a resume manually or with a digital CV maker. In this post, you would find tips to make a resume and find details of the best resume formats. So let us dig in without any delay:

How to make a resume in the right way?

If you want to make a resume with complete accuracy, you should follow the tips and tricks discussed here in this section.

1.   Pick the right resume format!

The most important thing to make a resume is to pick the right format. The resume format is one of the most crucial parts, and you have to select it very carefully. There are three main resume formats that you have to pick from. If you are using a resume builder online like the one by, then the resume format would be selected automatically according to your information. Still, suppose you have to make a resume manually. In that case, you have to know the difference and features of the three different resume formats.

  • Reverse chronological resume format
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The reverse chronological resume is one of the most commonly and popularly used resume formats that you would see these days. This resume format highlights the applicant’s work experience, which is why it is considered ideal for applicants with tons of work experience in the relevant field. Suppose the position you are applying for is relevant to your current or previous job experiences. In that case, you should certainly go for this format.

  • Functional & Skill-based resume format

This is the second most commonly used resume format that would best suit you if you are an inexperienced applicant. People who don’t have much work experience should ideally use this resume format because the skills and education of the applicant are highlighted in this format. If you are looking for a career that compliments your skills, then you should use this format.

  • Combination resume format

The combination resume format is best for applicants with experience and a diverse skill set to impress the hiring manager. If you are applying in multiple fields, then this type of resume format is best for you. Showing all your cards is what you can do with the combination resume format.

2.   Mention your contact details

After selecting the right resume format for your application, you have to start filling it with the important information. Usually, resume maker tools provide resume templates that have clear sections that you can fill. But suppose you are creating a resume manually; in that case, you must know that you must first add your personal contact information. Make sure that you add accurate contact details and personal information.

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3.   List your work experience and achievements

A hiring manager would always know about your past achievements and experiences in different positions, especially when applying for a bigger post. This is why you must list out work experience relevant to the job post after personal details. Don’t only write about the position you worked at and what kind of value you achieved while staying at that position.

4.   Mention your top soft and hard skills

After listing your relevant experience, you must ensure that you mention a formal skill set in the resume. This is very important because some jobs require a certain level of skills to accomplish. For instance, if you are applying for the designer position, you have to ensure that you mention the soft and hard skills you have in design.

5.   Add additional relevant sections

After adding your skills in the resume, you have to analyze it and see what needs to be completed. You can add more sections in the resume which can inform the hiring manager more about you. You can tell the recruiter about your certifications, the languages you are master in, your hobbies, or other relevant information.

Take away

Creating a resume can be easy after reading these tips we have discussed above. But still, if you find trouble in creating a resume, you have to make sure that you use an online resume maker. The resume builder tools can automate the process of resume building. They can easily help you in customizing the best resume for your job application. A resume maker utility would offer you multiple templates from which you can choose the one that suits your personal information and the job requirements. Editing and customizing the resume template is child’s play, so you don’t have to worry about it!

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