National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day will be observed nationwide to celebrate the love and happiness that kittens bring into our lives. Also, it is a day to support kitten adoptions rather than leaving them on the road and anywhere else. In fact, kittens are such lovely pets that we all like and love them. Our favorite characteristics of cats are their large heads, beautiful eyes, surprising looks, perfect meows, etc.

Happy National Kitten Day 2022

The world around, kittens are a common domestic pet. They have extremely silky fur, are little and charming, and have button-cute looks. They are treated so highly that a whole day is set aside for them in order to ensure their safety and prevent any kind of neglect. National Kitten Day is celebrated on July 10 every year. To celebrate Happy National Kitten Day in 2022.

History of National Kitten Day

Many people think Colleen Paige was the one who originally observed National Kitten Day. She is a well-known authority on family and pet life. She is a well-known author and animal rights activist who fights tenaciously for animal rights and is a real softie for kittens. The purpose of Paige’s National Kitten Day celebration was to encourage kitten adoption in the first place. First, National Kitten Day was observed in December for a consecutive two years. From the third year on, it was moved to July 10; ever since July has been the month for the celebration. After a few years, BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litter joined the National Kitten Day celebration.

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Happy National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day Quotes

If you know how to rely on something, even a kitten’s heart is honest. (Munia Khan)

“Kittens think that everything in nature is concerned with their pleasure.” by late F.A. Paradis de Moncrief

“I love Kitten because I love my house, and they gradually become its visible spirit,” the author once said. (Jean Cocteau)

There always appear to be a lot of kittens, no matter how much the cats fight. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Kitties are like little angels with whiskers. Alexis Flora Hope

“A kitten gets into all kinds of trouble by himself.” The Champfleury

“Our standing in heaven is based on how we treat cats here on earth.” Heinlein, Robert A.

“What a rosebud is to a garden, a kitten is to the animal world.” (Robert Southey)

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National Kitten Day Facts

Among all land animals, cats have the best hearing. Despite growing up deaf, they develop an amazing sense of hearing by the time they are 4 weeks old, and at that time, they can hear 65,000 cycles per second.

The kittens don’t even open their eyes for the first week or two after birth because they are born blind. Their eyesight is different from humans since it is fully developed by the age of five weeks.
Cats enjoy kneading. Although kittens tend to knead until adulthood, they do so to promote milk flow while nursing.

National Kitten Day celebration

Happy National Kitten Day 2022! You can celebrate by taking part in online kitten-focused events, learning more about kittens, or making a donation to a kitten shelter. Spend your time playing with your adorable kittens if you are the proud owner of some. Give them a quiet bubble bath, help them learn hand movements, or just give them a hug. However, be careful to remain inside and engage in public exclusion.

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How to Celebrate National Kitten Day?

Many enjoyable activities are done in celebration of National Kitten Day. The best way for you to celebrate this day, if you haven’t already, is to adopt a kitten. A little, adorable cat truly brings joy to everyone. If you already have a kitten at home, you can offer it special attention and a present or treat that is just for it. If you are unable to adopt one, try pushing others to use it.

Helping at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to assist kittens is another excellent method to observe the day (ASPCA). If you volunteer at the ASPCA, you have some quality time and feel amazing. Additionally, you can have a great time playing with your kittens more throughout the day.

When is National Kitten Day?

A cute cat is easy to overcome. So join us on July 10 to celebrate National Kitten Day.
where is National Kitten Day observed?

In fact, this day is observed all across the United States, but anyone who owns a kitten or cat can observe it privately.

Who created National Kitten Day?

Colleen Paige, an author, expert in pet and family lifestyle, and a lover of animals created the National Kitten Day.

When was the first National Kitten Day celebrated?

In 2012, the first National Kitten Day was celebrated. After first being celebrated twice in December, it was finally moved to July 10.

Year Date Day
2022 July 10 Sunday
2023 July 10 Monday
2024 July 10 Wednesday
2025 July 10 Thursday
2026 July 10 Friday
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Best wishes on National Cat Day. We are happy that this day is linked to loving the world’s cutest and cutest kitten animals. I hope that everyone has a beautiful day full of love, joy, and kitties. We’ve collected some sweet kitten quotes and messages in honor of this special day that we hope will brighten your day. Enjoy them, we hope.

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