National Lighthouse Day quotes, Wishes, Greetings, and Messages

National Lighthouse Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, and Messages! On August 7 2023 every year celebrated National Lighthouse Day. It was hundreds of years that symbolized safety and honors the beacon of light and security for ships and boats at sea. Most of the time, on almost all of America’s shorelines the beacon of light could be found across. All lighthouses were under federal support in 1789, the U.S. Congress passed to secure the protection.

So, the United States Biggest number of people Celebrating National Lighthouse Day. Also, all people find on this Day National Lighthouse Day are quotes, Wishes. even more, you can share your social media like Facebook Twitter, and Whatsapp.

when is National Lighthouse Day?

On August 7 2023 celebrated National Lighthouse Day.

National Lighthouse Day date

Year Date Day
2022 August 7 Sunday
2023 August 7 Monday
2024 August 7 Wednesday
2025 August 7 Thursday
2026 August 7 Friday

National Lighthouse Day Quotes

– Lighthouse has saved so many lives and saved so many ships from hazardous accidents.

– Lighthouse is a heritage of many countries, so preserve it.

– Earlier lighthouse used coals to emit light, then as years passed, it switched over to gas lamps, and now it uses electricity.

– It faces all sorts of weather and other nature issues, and still, it does its work.

– It is generally located at the cliffs and thus faces all types of weather.

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– On this day, we can organize a school visit to the lighthouse and arrange a miniature model competition.

– The oldest lighthouse in the USA is located in the Boston harbor.

– There is a society or a group to preserve the heritage, i.e., lighthouse. Some funds are raised in which anyone can contribute to saving this heritage.

National Lighthouse Day Wishes

– Lighthouse has helped so many sailors by assisting them to locate a harbor or ashore during stormy weather.

– It has acted as a ray of hope during difficult situations.

– The iconic color of the lighthouse is red and white, which makes it look so beautiful. However, the color may vary from place to place.

– One can visit the nearby lighthouse and observe the kind of activities done throughout the day.

– When I was a little child, I always used to get fascinated whenever I saw a lighthouse in movies. I’m so happy that this day is observed all over the world.

– This day is observed on 7th August because, on this day, an act was approved for the establishment of the lighthouse.

– The top portion of the lighthouse is a glass-coated area from where light is emitted.

– One can contribute to the lighthouse preservation group.

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National Light House Day Messages

– Lighthouse has helped so many ships and boats in all sorts of situations faced in the sea.

– However, the lighthouse is not being used the way it was done before, but now new technology has replaced it.

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They are wishing a great Lighthouse Day to all the lighthouses’ caretakers who are not paid well for their work.

– Wishing all the sailors and the people who have been directly or indirectly connected with the lighthouse.

– A happy national lighthouse day to your family and friends.

– Read the history of the lighthouse and the kind of difficulties it has faced in earlier days.

– Wish the people you know who is linked to the lighthouse and let them know their importance.

– This day doesn’t mark a national holiday, but this day is essential for people who work there and help preserve the lighthouse.

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