Vietnam national day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages 2023

Vietnam national day Quotes 2023 Wishes, and Messages! Every year September 2 celebrates Vietnam national day. Happy Vietnam national day is a public holiday. 1945 years Vietnam’s declaration of independence from France declaration. All Vietnam country people are also Ready to Observe the Independence Day of Vietnam.

In this post share, Vietnam national day Quotes Wishes, Greetings, Slogans, and Messages. also, you can collect the best Vietnam national day message and share your friend or family and your Social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Vietnam national day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“As I come to understand Vietnam and what it implies about the human condition, I also realize that few humans will permit themselves such an understanding.”
― Alan Moore, Watchmen

“Tôi, 24 tuổi, thức dậy chỉ thấy hư vô. Không thể mất mát trong hư vô.
Không người con gái nào để thương yêu
Không có người đàn ông nào để trọng
Không có kẻ thù nào để ác
Không có tội lỗi nào để phạm
Không có cả một nỗi buồn để khóc
Cũng chẳng có chiến lũy nào để chết
Chúng ta làm gì cho hết buổi chiều nay?”
― Lưu Quang Vũ

“I’m skimming across the surface of my own history, moving fast, riding the melt beneath the blades, doing loops and spins, and when I take a high leap into the dark and come down thirty years later, I realize it is as Tim trying to save Timmy’s life with a story.”

“During the Vietnam War, every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

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“You be America, alien invaders, and we’ll be Vietnam.
And the Others go, Yeah, okay, right.”
― Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

“Nobody gives way to anybody. Everyone just angles, points, dives directly toward his destination, pretending it is an all-or-nothing gamble. People glare at one another and fight for maneuvering space. All parties are equally determined to get the right-of-way–insist on it. They swerve away at the last possible moment, giving scant inches to spare. The victor goes forwards, no time for a victory grin, already engaging in another contest of will. Saigon traffic is Vietnamese life, a continuous charade of posturing, bluffing, fast moves, tenacity and surrenders.”

“Come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. Come home to the conviction that we can move our country forward.”—Senator George McGovern (D-SD) in his address accepting the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention on July 14, 1972.

“We believe that peace is at hand.” —National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger speaking at a White House press conference about the Paris Peace negotiations on October 26, 1972, two weeks before the presidential election.

“I have asked for this radio and television time tonight for the purpose of announcing that we today have concluded an agreement to end the war and bring peace with honor in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia.”—Richard Nixon informed the American public in a nationwide address on January 23, 1973 that the United States had reached an agreement with North Vietnam on the Paris Peace Accords.

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“Today, America can regain the sense of pride that existed before Vietnam. But it cannot be achieved by refighting a war that is finished as far as America is concerned. As I see it, the time has come to look forward to an agenda for the future, to unify, to bind up the Nation’s wounds, and to restore its health and its optimistic self-confidence…. We, of course, are saddened indeed by the events in Indochina. But these events, tragic as they are, portend neither the end of the world nor of America’s leadership in the world.” —President Gerald R. Ford in a speech at Tulane University on April 23, 1975.

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