What is the Additional Qualification to get a Job?

What is the additional qualification to get a job? If the results are good, now the job is not to get the golden deer called. He needs some additional qualifications.

What is the additional qualification to get a job

In the formal biography, there is a lot of studies. But Tasnuva has been stunned over additional issues. Can not understand, what exactly are the qualifications if employers will call him in an interview

Skills in foreign languages

Now the people who speak a lot of languages in the job market are very keenly It is important to acquire skills in many foreign languages. Because if you get a job in a multinational company, there may be an opportunity to transfer to another country in the future. Again, it is time to contact the foreign nationals for a job That’s why the institution wants skilled people in more than one language.

What is the additional qualification to get a job

Social skills

What is going on without social communication in today’s era? Most organizations now provide their presence through social network. Because, through this we can reach the highest number of people. For this reason, the organization wants to see the activists as active as their representatives in the virtual world. Naturally, there is a need for special duties assigned to social media. So employers consider this kind of skill as an additional qualification.
Again there is a backside. If you spend time on social work, it can be a reason to leave the job. So be careful caution!


If you know computer programming, it will give you additional benefits in the job market. Do not make software But basic knowledge about coding will also give you one step ahead of the career. If computer can not work in computer era, what to say?

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Photo editing

Companies have now heard this already, want to be active in the virtual world. In that case the computer has to edit photos. From time to time, the website is also updated. So your boss can say that you can sit at any time. If you have the ability to edit photos using the software, you can respond quickly to the boss’s direction. And, knowingly, this extra work will be brought to you without the responsibility of the boss!

Likewise, writing skills also require writing. Whether in the office paper or in e-mail, in English or in Bangla-write it correctly. Because that will make your positive image to the higher authority, prove your eligibility. So if you are able to write and say, it will help you get employment as well, and you will also get promoted after getting a job.

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