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Bangladesh Police today launched an app named “Movement Pass” for citizens, who will need to go out of home for emergencies during the weeklong lockdown to be imposed from April 14. Movement Pass Police gov bd and Movement Pass App both allow Apply for Pass during visiting outside home in Lockdown.

Police started issuing the passes and launched an app for the purpose on Tuesday. Some 600,000 applications had been submitted in total and around 30,000 passes had been issued till 6:30pm on Tuesday.

First the applicant have to give an active mobile phone number and following that, he/ she needs to give some information including starting point and destination and later he/she has to upload a photograph. Based upon the information, he or she will be given the pass, which will have to be downloaded from the website.

Movement Pass App Download

Smartphone users can Download Movement Pass App to apply for Movement Pass quickly. After submitting the Application, You will receive a pass PDF file. Download the file and carry it forward while travelling. You can bring both online copy or Printed file copy during Travelling.

Who will get the movement pass app?

A movement pass will be required to step out of homes during the lockdown in case of an emergency or official work such as receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, Covid-19 test, grocery shopping, medicine purchase, getting medical attention, job, agriculture, goods transport, wholesale/retail sell, funeral, business and several other necessities under other categories, according to the instructions given in the app.

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Download Link Movement Pass Apk

Bangladesh Police has taken excellent steps to stop the spread of coronavirus. They have developed an application that allows people at risk to get out of special needs.

No one will stop you if you have documents called Movement Pass. That is why many people are willing to take this service to go out inside the lockdown.


Movement Pass App Download

We have come up with the application for you. You can easily download it for free. For this, download by clicking on the download link given below.

An individual seeking a movement pass app has to provide his name, phone number, date of birth, destination details, valid identification (NID, passport, driving license), and the reason for going outside. The police will then issue an online pass after receiving the information and verifying it.

How to get Movement Pass App

  1. The applicant must first apply for the pass by entering the website
  2. At the beginning you have to give a mobile phone number. The applicant must provide information on where to go in case of emergency. The applicant will then be asked to provide various information in a specific form. You have to give that information step by step. At one stage the applicant has to upload a picture and submit the form.
  3. The movement pass will be issued on the basis of the information provided by the applicant in the submitted form. Finally you have to download and collect the movement pass from the website.
  4. The police officer on duty has to show the downloaded pass while traveling outside. Once passed, it will be valid for 24 hours.
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Movement pass app will be issued for Bangladesh Police

We must get out of the house for our daily needs. Therefore, a movement pass will be given to the citizen in case of emergency. Moment passes are usually not given without any special requirements. Movement passes will be given depending on the subjects. It is discussed below-

  • Shopping in grocery stores and raw markets.
  • Medicine and medical work.
  • For agricultural work.
  • Public transport supply.
  • Relief distribution.
  • Purchase at wholesale or retail price.
  • Corpse funeral.

Those who get the movement pass app

According to the police headquarters, movement passes will be required for those who go out in lockdown in case of emergency or official work. The passes will be given in grocery stores for shopping, raw materials, pharmaceuticals, medical work, agriculture, transportation and supply of goods, relief distribution, wholesale or retail purchases, tourism, cremation, business and other categories. Those who need to move outside but do not fall into any category will be considered for pass in other categories.

Finally, those who want to go out for the above work must apply to the police at the Movement Pass and be able to go out after receiving the pass. The police have introduced movement passes so that we do not go out of the house without urgent need. No chat can be given on the road. As a responsible citizen, no one should go out of the house unnecessarily. If you go out in an emergency, you must return home quickly.

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